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Yishai Gelb

Personal Profile

Yishai Gelb is a dynamic professional endowed with an expanding skill set dedicated to advancing Israel's interests through innovative platforms and initiatives. He exhibits a fervent enthusiasm for Geopolitical Analysis, Project Management, Fundraising, and Business Development. Presently, Yishai assumes leadership roles in various projects at Connections Israel, serves as the Vice President of My Tree in Israel, and collaborates on initiatives with esteemed think tanks and policy forums committed to advancing Israeli policy objectives.

Yishai Gelb

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My Tree in Israel

During his military service in the AIF, Gelb co-founded My Tree in Israel, a project revolutionizing support for Israel by connecting Israel lovers directly with local farmers. They produce high-quality olive oil, wine, and whisky shipped with a private label to supporters worldwide, offering a unique way to invest in Israel's success.


IDF Service

For 3 years, Yishai Served in the Israeli Air Force.


Connections Israel

Yishai's first position in Connections Israel was fundraising for one of the organization's Projects. Today, Yishai is the Project Manager at Connections Israel leading all programs and fundraising, broadening the number of organizations and people involved with the Organizations. 



Starting in 2022, Yishai began leading projects with think tanks and other policy institutions to build platforms designed to promote Israeli policy and sway public opinion on different issues.


Hebrew University

Yishai received his BA in international relations and political science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.



Yishai began his carrier as an intern for the spokesman of the municipality of Accer, as well as the International relations director at the YESHA council.


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