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Breaking: Day 39: IDF's Strategic Advances and Complex Realities in Gaza - Unveiling Operations, Diplomacy, and Challenges. Read more

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israel at war

War crimes revealed. Myths debunked. Geopolitical Analysis


IDF soldier killed since Oct.7


Hostages currently held by Hamas


Rockets fired at Israel since Oct.7

Data and Stats

Israeli Casualties

Since October 7th, Israel lost 1450 people.
Out of which
845 were civilians, 367 were slaughtered at the music festival, 361 are IDF soldiers. A total of 246 people were taken hostage, out of which 239 are still in captivity, not all alive.

Rockets Fired into Israel

Hamas and additional militant groups fired at least 9976 rockets at Israel.
Out of those, at least
550 misfired and landed inside Gaza.
1540 of those reaching Israel were intercepted by the Iron Dome air defense system.


SMS Messages

Israel Avoiding Civilian Casualties


Dropped Pamphlets


Pre-recorded phone calls


Live phone calls



civilians successfully evacuated to safe zones

Israelis evacuated from their homes (north and south)

Debunking Myths

Explore Mitchell Bard's comprehensive guide on the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Discover curated insights into the prevailing myths and facts surrounding the conflict, conveniently organized by topics for easy navigation. 

Informational Videos

A comprehensive repository comprising interviews, speeches, debates, and additional content, furnishing informative insights into the conflict in Israel.

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Ben Shapiro Takes On University Of Cambridge (HEATED)

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'BRAINWASHED': Journalist details interviews with Hamas fighters, other terrorists

Start Up Nation promotional video

‘They plan to kill all Jews’: Hamas objective revealed after ‘undercover’ interview

News and Analysis

Day 39: IDF's Strategic Advances and Complex Realities in Gaza - Unveiling Operations, Diplomacy, and Challenges.

Yishai Gelb

A Month of War: Assessing the Current Landscape and Anticipating Future Developments

Yishai Gelb

Wealth, War, and the Enigma of Hamas: Unveiling the Opulent Finances Behind the Gaza Conflict

Yishai Gelb

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