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Day 6: The ground assault begins! The world now compares Hamas to ISIS

Written by:
Yishai Gelb

On the sixth day of war, Israel's ground troops launched a crucial offensive against Hamas in Gaza. The IDF meticulously prepared for this, focusing on recruitment, gaining international legitimacy, and securing internal support through a unity government. The distribution of weapons to standby units commenced, bolstering readiness. As the ground assault began, a UN evacuation warning was issued, emphasizing the use of human shields by Hamas. Global alignments took shape as countries responded, hinting at a potential blueprint for a broader conflict, reminiscent of a clash of civilizations. Israel's conflict may follow Russia's actions in Ukraine, signaling a profound geopolitical confrontation.

Day 6: The ground assault begins! The world now compares Hamas to ISIS

As the sixth day of war unfolded, a pivotal moment arrived—Israel's ground troops began to initiate the offensive against Hamas in Gaza. Previously, the Israel Air Force spearheaded the strikes against both Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Six days of meticulous preparation paved the way for the ground assault, comprising three essential elements.

Airforce strikes in Gaza last night

Firstly, the IDF undertook the task of completing the recruitment of all soldiers involved in the attack, ensuring logistical infrastructure for optimal efficiency in battle.

Secondly, international legitimacy played a crucial role. Extensive support from the Western world, notably the USA, was garnered to lend weight to Israel's endeavors. The propaganda campaign, drawing parallels between Hamas and ISIS, proved instrumental in securing the legitimacy needed to decisively eliminate Hamas, regardless of the potential toll.

UN building in NYC

Israel Defence Minister with American Counterpart.

The third element was internal support. Recognizing the inevitable loss of Israeli lives, the government sought widespread backing from the public. By forming a unity government and incorporating the opposition, the legitimacy for a robust campaign in Gaza was solidified.

Learning from the surprise attack, the distribution of weapons to standby units across Israel commenced. Yesterday, the distribution began, with members already undergoing training in Nurit in Gilboa. The Ministry of National Security planned to purchase thousands of new rifles for distribution, fortifying standby units across the country and mitigating the risk of terrorists targeting civilians unchecked.

Special forces cleared a base where Hamas took hostages.

The ground assault had begun.

Following the UN announcement urging residents of the northern Gaza Strip to evacuate, the IDF spokesman released the warning sent to the residents. It called on all Gaza City residents to move south for safety due to ongoing military activities. Emphasizing the use of human shields by Hamas, the IDF sought to safeguard civilians while continuing significant operations in the city.

Map of evacuation sites.

In response, the Gaza government dismissed the evacuation warning as false propaganda and psychological warfare, urging residents to ignore it.

After six days of war, global alignments began to crystallize as countries took sides in response to the conflict. The emerging map hinted at a potential blueprint for a global war, resembling a clash of civilizations. Israel's conflict could become the second step after Russia's actions in Ukraine, foreshadowing a profound geopolitical confrontation.

Kisinger warning about civilizational clash

Supporting the IDF

We are thrilled to share with you Connections Israel's upcoming project: our Winter Campaign. It's more than just a drive; it's a movement to bring warmth and support to our soldiers on the Northern front. As the heat intensifies on the Lebanon front, the potential for a second front against Hizballa looms.

Now, more than ever, our soldiers need our collective strength and generosity.

Supporting Israeli Farmers


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