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Day 5: Jews Unite all over the world as Israel moves to attack

Written by:
Yishai Gelb

In the war's early days, global support for Israel's self-defense surged. Successful public relations highlighted Hamas's brutality, but sustaining Western backing remains a challenge. Defense Minister Galant's video emphasized Israel's resilience. Internationally, unity in song and prayer strengthened bonds. A crucial unity government was formed for citizen trust and international legitimacy. Ground forces secured the southern border, Air Force continued in Gaza. In the North, forces deterred Hezbollah; the US Navy's presence signaled a delicate balance.

Day 5: Jews Unite all over the world as Israel moves to attack

In the initial days of the war, a tale of global solidarity unfolded as the Western world rallied behind Israel's right to self-defense. Hamas's gruesome videos and Israel's efforts to portray them akin to ISIS yielded success in the public relations arena. Yet, the challenge remains—to sustain Western support for a protracted campaign in Gaza and potentially Lebanon.

NATO's Defense minister called for a proportional response, prompting Israel's Defense Minister, Yoav Galant, to deliver an unfiltered account of the massacre's horrors. In a powerful message, he asserted Israel's strength in the face of adversity. The world witnessed a level of brutality not seen since 1945, and Galant vowed to pursue justice relentlessly.

Internationally, a chorus of support and unity resonated among Jews and Israel's well-wishers, expressed through song and prayer. Unity emerged as the linchpin of strength, a beacon to guide Israel through the tumult of war.

On the home front, a unity government, encompassing both opposition and coalition, formed to confront the crisis together. This move aimed to instill trust among Israeli citizens and grant international legitimacy to the war effort, especially amid influential liberal voices.

Ground forces diligently secured the southern border, mending the fence, while the Israeli Air Force sustained its aerial campaign in Gaza. Ground troops geared up for an imminent assault.

A wedding between an IDF soldier and his fiance.

In the North, Israeli forces amassed near Lebanon to deter Hezbollah, while the US Navy sailed to the Mediterranean, stationed in Cyprus. Tensions with Hezbollah remained on the brink, yet both parties seemingly avoided escalation.

As Israeli soldiers and security forces braced for war, the nation found strength in unity, standing resolute behind their defenders. The unfolding chapters of this gripping saga promise a test of endurance and solidarity for Israel.

Supporting the IDF

We are thrilled to share with you Connections Israel's upcoming project: our Winter Campaign. It's more than just a drive; it's a movement to bring warmth and support to our soldiers on the Northern front. As the heat intensifies on the Lebanon front, the potential for a second front against Hizballa looms.

Now, more than ever, our soldiers need our collective strength and generosity.

Supporting Israeli Farmers


Support Israeli farmers in Israel, many of whom have been called up to defend the state of Israel. They are bravely fighting alongside their units to protect our nation. As the harvest approaches, we cannot afford to wait for the war to end!

Create your privately labeled olive oil wine and whisky from farmers in Israel. shipped to your doorstep!

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