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Day 3: Securing Borders and Achieving Internal Security: Unveiling Heroic Tales with the Arrival of the US Navy.

Written by:
Yishai Gelb

Amid the third day of war, a tale of triumph emerged as security forces battled to secure the border and eliminate invaders. Inbal Lieberman, a true heroine, saved her kibbutz, foiling 25 terrorists with courage and strategic prowess. Simultaneously, the Israeli Air Force targeted over 700 Gaza sites, and Hezbollah's northern threat prompted a robust Israeli response. The US Navy's arrival signaled a stern warning to potential aggressors. As the day closed, Israeli forces regained confidence, pivoting to deter Hezbollah in the north and preparing for a Gaza invasion to end Hamas's rule, setting the stage for the war's next dynamic chapter.

Day 3: Securing Borders and Achieving Internal Security: Unveiling Heroic Tales with the Arrival of the US Navy.

As the third day of the war unfolded, a riveting tale of triumph and heroism emerged. The security forces, on the brink of completing their first task, fought relentlessly to secure the border and eliminate terrorists who had invaded Israel. In the final hours of reclaiming towns on the Gaza border, the IDF made strides in identifying the fallen and those kidnapped to Gaza.

Reclaiming a town near Gaza

Amidst the chaos, a true heroine emerged—Inbal Lieberman, whose story is destined for the annals of Israeli legend. Inbal's quick thinking and bravery saved her kibbutz, making it the lone unscathed outpost in the area. Running tirelessly from house to house, she organized a standby squad, devised a strategic plan, and stationed men to ambush terrorists at the kibbutz's fence. In a stunning display of courage, she single-handedly thwarted 25 terrorists, earning her the title of Heroine of Israel.

Simultaneously, the Israeli Air Force pounded over 700 targets in Gaza, while the IDF spokesman issued warnings for Gaza residents to evacuate to Egypt. To the north, Hezbollah showed signs of entering the fray, firing rockets into Israel and breaching the border. Israel responded with air attacks and a substantial buildup of forces along the northern border.

Attaching in Lebanon

Attacking in Gaza

Adding another layer of intrigue, the US dispatched its navy to the Middle East, positioning itself at the border of Israel and Lebanon. The message was clear: any aggression would trigger a swift American military response.

American aircraft carrier

The third day marked a resurgence of strength and confidence for the Israeli security forces. In the days ahead, the focus shifted to deterring Hezbollah from opening a new front in the north, while the IDF prepared for a Gaza invasion to bring an end to Hamas's regime. As the initial skirmishes concluded, the war's next phase promised a protracted and dynamic narrative that would unfold in the days to come.

Supporting the IDF

We are thrilled to share with you Connections Israel's upcoming project: our Winter Campaign. It's more than just a drive; it's a movement to bring warmth and support to our soldiers on the Northern front. As the heat intensifies on the Lebanon front, the potential for a second front against Hizballa looms.

Now, more than ever, our soldiers need our collective strength and generosity.

Supporting Israeli Farmers


Support Israeli farmers in Israel, many of whom have been called up to defend the state of Israel. They are bravely fighting alongside their units to protect our nation. As the harvest approaches, we cannot afford to wait for the war to end!

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