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Day 2: Revealing the Tragedy, Restoring Order within the country.

Written by:
Yishai Gelb

On the second day of the war, Israel coped with devastating Hamas attacks and a delayed government response. Security forces struggled to eliminate infiltrators and free citizens in bomb shelters. Significant moments, such as dismantling a terrorist-controlled police station, unfolded. By nightfall, the IDF strengthened its presence, but full eradication of Gaza-based terrorists remained elusive. The impending third day hinted at a dual strategy—restoring order in Israel while intensifying Gaza airforce strikes and preparing for a potential ground operation. Concerns heightened over a northern conflict with Hezbollah. Israel faced a delicate balancing act, emphasizing strategic precision amid the unfolding crisis.

Day 2: Revealing the Tragedy, Restoring Order within the country.

As the second day of the war dawned, the aftermath of the Hamas onslaught emerged in a stark display of destruction. The security forces, notably absent on the first day, left a haunting visual narrative.

Cars parked on the side of the road near a party.

As daylight progressed, the toll on human lives rose, prompting the security forces to initiate the first phase of the conflict—clearing the nation of infiltrating terrorists and liberating citizens confined to bomb shelters since the war's inception.

Catching Terrorists in the South.

IDF forces holding Hamas terrorists hostage - giving them food and water.

Graphic video! Terrorists caught by the IDF

One pivotal moment unfolded as security forces dismantled the terrorist-controlled police station in Sderot. Throughout the day, the true extent of casualties unfolded with the grim discovery of bodies. A tragic apex was reached at a Gaza border party, resulting in the ruthless slaughter of over 260 young adults by Hamas terrorists.

Throughout the day more potage of hostages who were taken to Gaza was revealed. one video shows an elderly Israeli woman who was kidnapped and is paraded on the streets of Gaza.

By nightfall, the IDF's presence resonated in both the south and north, mobilizing over 100,000 reserve soldiers. Despite their efforts, the security forces struggled to fully eradicate the terrorists who breached Gaza's borders, fueling fears of existing terror tunnels.

Moved by a deep sense of empathy, people from every corner of the nation rallied to assemble heartfelt care packages for both the beleaguered security forces and the families in the south bearing the brunt of the ongoing war. In a touching display of solidarity, millions of donations streamed into the country from compassionate individuals worldwide, offering a glimmer of hope amidst the hardships of conflict.

Anticipation loomed for the third day, poised to continue restoring order in Israel while unleashing the Israeli airforce on targets in Gaza. Simultaneously, efforts focused on amassing strength, soldiers, equipment, and international support to pave the way for a ground operation in Gaza, aiming to cripple Hamas's future war capabilities.

Yet, Israel faced an unsettling specter—the prospect of a northern war with Hezbollah. While Hezbollah had not yet entered the fray, the IDF dispatched troops to the north as a precautionary measure. The looming threat of conflict expanding from the north hung palpably in the air, demanding Israel's strategic consideration.

In the unfolding chapters, Israel's next moves necessitated calculated precision and unyielding force. The objective: a swift resolution in Gaza, dismantling the Hamas regime without entangling Hezbollah in the conflict. The path forward demanded careful navigation to safeguard Israel's interests and regional stability.

Supporting the IDF

We are thrilled to share with you Connections Israel's upcoming project: our Winter Campaign. It's more than just a drive; it's a movement to bring warmth and support to our soldiers on the Northern front. As the heat intensifies on the Lebanon front, the potential for a second front against Hizballa looms.

Now, more than ever, our soldiers need our collective strength and generosity.

Supporting Israeli Farmers


Support Israeli farmers in Israel, many of whom have been called up to defend the state of Israel. They are bravely fighting alongside their units to protect our nation. As the harvest approaches, we cannot afford to wait for the war to end!

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