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Day 1: Israel caught unprepared - Hundreds slaughtered.

Written by:
Yishai Gelb

Fifty years after the Yom Kippur War, a concerning situation unfolds as Israel faces significant challenges. In an unexpected turn, the state and its security apparatus find themselves unprepared, revealing a serious breakdown in governance and military readiness. The toll rises—600 lives lost, 2000 injured, and over a hundred held captive in a 24-hour period. The once stable nation now faces instability, especially in the South, where a full-scale war adds to the complexities and fear of an expanding war in the North.

Day 1: Israel caught unprepared - Hundreds slaughtered.

Saturday Morning:

In a calculated and well-executed move, Hamas initiated a series of attacks on Israel. They focused their initial efforts on 8 IDF posts in the Gaza Division, disrupting the nation's defense by destroying weapons and setting communication and observation posts ablaze. This strategic maneuver caused a breakdown in Israel's command and control capabilities.

A diversion unfolded with windsurfers and vessels, diverting attention from the impending central attack. Amidst a barrage of missiles spanning from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, gliders took to the air, vehicles moved across the ground, and small boats navigated the sea—all converging in a coordinated effort.

Hamas terrorists break through the Gaza border fence with Israel (STRINGER)

By mid-day, Hamas militants had gained control of over 15 towns and cities. The air was filled with the tragedy of civilian casualties, and the cries of the captured echoed through once-quiet streets. Tanks, army vehicles, and an array of weapons and military equipment fell into the hands of the aggressors, accompanied by an eerie silence from the absent IDF.

Hammas on IDF tanks

Hammas taking hostages

Israeli child hostage in Gaza

In a startling twist, civilians found themselves at the forefront of the battle, grappling with the overwhelming reality of the terror that had befallen their homeland. The once-mighty defenders were conspicuously absent, leaving ordinary people to confront the monstrous challenge on their own.

Saturday afternoon:

As the sun dipped low on that fateful Saturday afternoon, a relentless tide of Hamas militants surged into Israel, a force so overwhelming it left the once-confident security forces reeling in shock. The IDF and police forces caught off guard, scrambled to the scene, desperately trying to contain the unexpected onslaught. In the hallowed halls of power, the Israeli government and war cabinet convened in a hurried assembly, sounding the drums of war against Hamas. Amid the chaos, there was a frantic race to cobble together a warplane.

Saturday evening:

Amidst the unfolding events, the IDF responded by deploying the Israeli airforce to target locations in Gaza, creating a luminous spectacle in the night sky. In retaliation, Hamas launched a continuous barrage of rockets toward Tel Aviv. In response to the security threat, forces engaged with Hamas militants who had infiltrated Israel's borders.

A tense struggle ensued as forces worked to regain control of the besieged land from the threat of terror. Negotiating through smoke-filled streets and damaged structures, they acted as a beacon of hope during challenging times. Homes and bunkers served as both shelters and confinements for frightened citizens, prompting the security forces to navigate through walls of fear and rescue those in need. The battleground resonated with the sounds of conflict, portraying an ongoing clash between defenders of freedom and agents of chaos.

Supporting the IDF

We are thrilled to share with you Connections Israel's upcoming project: our Winter Campaign. It's more than just a drive; it's a movement to bring warmth and support to our soldiers on the Northern front. As the heat intensifies on the Lebanon front, the potential for a second front against Hizballa looms.

Now, more than ever, our soldiers need our collective strength and generosity.

Supporting Israeli Farmers


Support Israeli farmers in Israel, many of whom have been called up to defend the state of Israel. They are bravely fighting alongside their units to protect our nation. As the harvest approaches, we cannot afford to wait for the war to end!

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