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The War for Israel

Day 39: IDF's Strategic Advances and Complex Realities in Gaza - Unveiling Operations, Diplomacy, and Challenges.

Wealth, War, and the Enigma of Hamas: Unveiling the Opulent Finances Behind the Gaza Conflict

Day 24: Escalating Tensions in Gaza: A Comprehensive Overview

Special Analysis: The quiet before the storm: Israel's Struggle and the Prelude to a third front in the global war.

Day 11: Geopolitical Turmoil: Unraveling Alliances, Calculated Strikes, and the Delicate Balance in the Middle East

Day 6: The ground assault begins! The world now compares Hamas to ISIS

A Month of War: Assessing the Current Landscape and Anticipating Future Developments

30 Days In: IDF Divides Gaza, Initiating Siege Amid Escalating Pressure

Rising Tides of Antisemitism: Unraveling a Global Menace Amidst the Aftermath of Hamas Terror

Day 15: Decoding the Israel-Hamas Puzzle: Unraveling the Complications

Day 8: The Crucible of Fate: Israel's High-Stakes Gamble in Gaza

Day 5: Jews Unite all over the world as Israel moves to attack

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